Causation in Biology Conference

September 2-3, 2015, University of Bristol

Conference overview

The topic of causation has long been of interest to philosophers and scientists alike. However relatively little attention has been paid to causation and causal inference in the biological sciences in particular. The aim of the workshop is to remedy this lack, by focusing on causal issues that are distinctive to the biosciences. Topics to be discussed include:

  • the distinction between proximate and ultimate causation;
  • the use of causal graphical methods in biology;
  • genes as causes of phenotypic variation;
  • the role of causality in systems biology;
  • causal versus teleological explanations; and
  • the nature of causal inference in the biosciences.

This two-day workshop is hosted by the Darwinism and the Theory of Rational Choice research project, funded by an ERC Advanced Investigator Grant to Professor Samir Okasha. It will be held in Cotham House at the University of Bristol.

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Posted: April 15, 2015