Call for Papers: Évora’s 6th Symposium in Philosophy and History of Science and Technology

November 20, 2015, Palácio do Vimioso of the University of Évora

In a non-empiricist, historically informed, perspective of epistemology a priori  judgments have a decisive role to obtain knowledge. In the physical sciences the comprehensibility of nature, the explanation of phenomena, is deeply
connected with the human skill to derive theories (though refutable) from natural preconditions for the comprehensibility of the domain to which they apply. Thought experiments and atomistic are also evidence for this constitutive a priori power. A critical and open appraisal and discussion of the connections between these three major examples that sustain a rationalistic point of view, are the subject of this year Évora’s Symposium. Olivier Darrigol and Hermínio Martins will be our main speakers. Darrigol’s paper “The robust necessity of some physical theories” and Martins’ paper on thought experiments, whose ideas directly inspired our choice, are included in our forthcoming volume Évora Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science (volume 1), a festschrift in honour of Hermínio Martins.

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Call for papers

Anyone who wants to present a paper at this scientific event, please send the title of the communication, a brief summary and institutional data, until the 30th of June, to both Organizers: João Príncipe [] and Lídia Queiroz []. Communications may be in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese and prepared for 20m of presentation (followed by 10m of discussion). Authors will be notified of acceptance of their abstracts until July 10th. Papers presented at the symposium might be published in a volume of “Évora Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science”.

30/06/2015: Call for papers deadline
10/07/2015: Notification of acceptance
20/11/2015: International Symposium

Deadline: June 30, 2015

Posted: May 26, 2015