Call for Authors: Early Modern Alcohol Studies

Andrew McMichael serves as the editor for Volume 2 (Medieval World: 800-1500) of a multi-volume set entitled A Cultural History of Alcohol, under contract and to be published by Bloomsbury Press. He is looking for a few authors.

About the series and the volume: The Cultural Histories are a series of multi-volume projects that survey the literature on topics of cultural and historical importance in the field of alcohol studies. Each work consists of six illustrated volumes, with each volume devoted to an examination of the specific topic as grounded in the cultural experiences of one of six historical periods, from Antiquity to the 21st century. Themes of published and forthcoming sets include Women, Food, the Emotions, and Death. Each volume focuses on key cultural aspects in its specific time period. These themes vary from set to set as determined by the topic but all retain the same sense of structure and, broadly speaking, time periods.

The series of six volumes covers the following:

  1. Ancient world  (7,000BC-800AD)
  2. Medieval world (800-1500)
  3. Early Modern world (1500-1750)
  4. Enlightenment and Revolutions (1750-1850)
  5. Industry, empire and war (1850-1950)
  6. Modern world (1950-2000+)

Within the six volumes, the chapters cover, very generally:

  1. Introduction
  2. Production (author needed)
  3. Consumption
  4. Regulation, Prohibition (author needed)
  5. Commerce (business and trade)
  6. Medicine and health (author needed)
  7. Gender and Sexuality (author needed)
  8. Religion and ideology (author needed)
  9. Cultural representations

He is looking for authors in the categories of Production, Regulation, Medicine/Health, Gender/Sexuality, and Religion/Ideology. These volumes give the author an wide latitude to cover the existing literature within the topics outline. The hope is to submit the final draft of the chapters by late spring — articles would be due in March.

Full information about the series is by clicking here.

Contact information:

Andrew McMichael
Associate Dean, Potter College of Arts & Letters
Professor of History
Western Kentucky University

Posted: August 13, 2018