Bodies Beyond Borders. The Circulation of Anatomical Knowledge, 1750-1950

January 7-9, 2015, Leuven, Belgium

How does anatomical knowledge move from one site to another? That is the question the conference Bodies Beyond Borders. The Circulation of Anatomical Knowledge, 1750-1950 seeks to answer. As any form of knowledge, anatomical knowledge does not move by itself – it needs a bearer. These bearers could be anatomical models in popular museums spreading public consciousness about syphilis for example, medical students bringing knowledge of newly discovered lesions from one hospital to another, or anatomical atlases, preserved bodies (or parts of them), books, drawings and many more. The trajectories of these bearers and their shifting meanings in different places is what Bodies Beyond Borders seeks to trace.

The conference will consist of eight key note lectures by leading scholars in the history of anatomy and over twenty paper presentations in parallel sessions covering anatomy in all its forms, functions and environments: from anatomy in the fairground over the colonial hospital to the metropolitan salon; from tactile experience of the anatomical specimen over the use of anatomical models to the significance of death masks. We are very proud to announce as our key note speakers: Sam Alberti, Sven Dupré, Rina Knoeff, Helen MacDonald, Anna Maerker, Chloé Pirson, Natasha Ruiz-Gómez and Michael Sappol. Furthermore, Andrew Cunningham, will deliver a public lecture in Museum M in Leuven. At the museum the exhibition ‘Vesalius. Imaging the body’ will be on display at that time – as part of the Vesalius year in Leuven.

For the full program and registration, please visit the website of Bodies Beyond Borders:

Bodies Beyond Borders is an initiative from the KU Leuven, in cooperation with University of Antwerp and Ghent University.


Posted: November 13, 2014