An Unnatural History: The Re-Emergence of Infectious Disease in the 20th Century

January 30-April 30, 2014, Oxford, United Kingdom

Presented by Professor Christoph Gradmann, University of Oslo Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Wellcome Unit for the history of Medicine, Oxford

These lectures will be hosted at TORCH – The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities Radcliffe Humanities Seminar Room Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford

Hilary Term 2nd Week
Thursday 30 January 17:00
A Vision of Total Control: Explaining and Combating Infectious Disease 1880-1920*

Hilary Term 6th Week
Thursday 27 February 17:00
Eradication or Equilibrium?: Epidemiology, Bacteriology and the Crisis of Medicine Between the Wars

Hilary Term 8th Week
Wednesday 12 March 16:00
Infectious Disease and the Therapeutic Revolution 1930-1970

Trinity Term
Date TBA
Stalking Microbes: Antibiotic Resistance, Nosocomial Infections and the Demise of the Modern Hospital 1950-1990

Trinity Term
Date TBA
The Return of Natural History: Re-Emerging Infections, the End of Antibiotics and New Public Health

All are welcome.

The complete list can be found here

Posted: February 13, 2014