Abstracts/Registration Open: Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting

October 15-18, 2020, http://www.zombiemed.org/

by Erica O’Neil

Have you been zombified by sex and/or tech? Hear from the amazing interdisciplinary speakers, be a part of art-science streaming, experience zombie films with commentary from expert brains, and more at the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting, Oct 15-18, 2020. All from the comfort of wherever you are riding out the apocalypse.


Oct 15-18, 2020

Submit your abstract and register at: http://www.zombiemed.org/

ZAMM is going digital for 2020. Steaming on Channel Zed, the world’s leading zombie apocalypse channel! Channel Zed features news, entertainment and lifestyle programming for the Zombie Apocalypse. Join us at ZAMM2020 for a fully immersive experience.


The Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting (ZAMM) is a radically interdisciplinary meeting that bridges science and the arts to grapple with the most pressing challenges of the present and the future. We define a zombie as an entity that is fully or partially under the control of another entity. This includes host-parasite interactions, autonomous technology, and coercion/control in human interactions. These dynamics – where one entity controls another – can lead to unanticipated biological, technological and social consequences. ZAMM brings together scientists, artists, doctors, lawyers, ethicists and futurists to engage with the challenges of zombification and the apocalyptic conditions that may be generated by or contribute to zombification. We use the zombie apocalypse as a lens through which we can engage about potentially frightening aspects of our present and future without fear and anxiety, but instead with imagination and creativity. The goal of ZAMM is to reduce the global burden of zombification and contribute to apocalypse prevention and preparedness through interdisciplinary engagement.

Posted: July 31, 2020