50 Years of Quarks & Color

April 11-12, 2014, University of Maryland

The University of Maryland will host a meeting to celebrate 50 years of quarks and color this coming April 11-12, 2014. This meeting will bring together the main contributors to particle physics during the last 50 years. It will be of great interest to your members. Please distribute the attached poster to your members. For further information, please contact Kate Sickles at koaks@umd.edu

In 1964, quarks were suggested as constituents of hadrons my Gell-Mann and, independently, Zweig. Also in 1964, Greenberg invented “color” carried by quarks. These ideas led to the standard model of elementary particles, including quantum chromodynamics (QCD).

Thomas Appelquist, Nima Arkani-Hamed, Zvi Bern, James Bjorken, Michael Creutz, Robert Dijkgraaf, François Englert, Howard Georgi,Sheldon Glashow (Nobel Laureate), O.W. (Wally) Greenberg, Joe Incandela, Chris Quigg, Silvan Schweber, Nathan Seiberg, George Sterman, Frank Wilczek (Nobel Laureate)

Speakers Not Confirmed:
Murray Gell-Mann (Nobel Laureate), C.N. (Frank) Yang (Nobel Laureate)

International Committee:
Lars Brink, Göteborg, Sweden
Sidney Drell, Stanford, USA
Mary K Gaillard, Berkeley, USA
Amitava Raychaudhuri, Kolkata, India
Dan-Olof Risk, Helsinki, Finland
Christopher Llewellyn-Smith, FRS, Oxford, UK

Organizer: O.W. (Wally) Greenberg

For further information please contact colorregistration@umd.edu.

Posted: February 10, 2014