2nd International Conference on Ernst Mach and Erkenntnis-Theory

July 26-28, 2014, Long Beach, CA, United States

Conference Description

The 2nd meeting of the International Group on Ernst Mach and Erkenntis-Theory which is part of the International Ernst Mach Institute for Empirical-Genetic Education and Management will be held at the California State University Long Beach campus in Long Beach California (southern California) on July 26-28, 2014. The conference organizers invite members, and all others interested, to submit proposals for posters, individual papers (15-20 minutes), and symposia (30 minutes) for inclusion in the conference program. Theoretical and empirical research, literature reviews, papers on philosophy, and descriptions of programs linked to the history and ideas of Ernst Mach — scientific, psychological, educational, historical, philosophical, artistic, mathematical, anthropological, linguistic, and related topics are invited. This conference is designed to allow scholars from diverse fields to connect with others, to discover common threads, to examine possible scholarly influences, and to collaborate in future endeavors – to celebrate and explore ideas influenced by or related to Ernst Mach.

Erkenntinis theory (Erkenntnistheorie in German means something in-between theory of knowledge, cognition and epistemology, though it is not simply one of these) has ties to progressive education, active learning, the role of play in child development, and gestalt pedagogies. Related pedagogies, scientific ideas, and educational philosophies of Mach have been traced to other individuals including John Dewey, William James, Albert Einstein and others (Bohr, Planck, von Laue, Raman, Heisenberg, Rabi, Feyerabend, Popper, Bruner, Loeb, Pierce, Frank, Binet, Drucker, Piaget, and others*).

Immediately following the conference will be a workshop dedicated to the theoretical, practical, and pedagogical aspects of Erkenntnis theory as it plays out in school systems. Educators, researchers and other interested parties are invited to participate. Details about this workshop will be posted shortly.

Registration Information

120 Euro ($160 US dollars); Reduced fees when possible (upon request). 75 E Students (US Conversion … $100) includes 2-year membership fee.


If you have questions, please contact the conference co-chairs for more information at machconference@gmail.com.

Lisa Martin-Hansen
Science Education, California State University Long Beach, CA.
Mach Institute conference Co-chair.

Hayo Siemsen
Wadgassen, Germany.
Mach Institute conference co-chair.


  • Siemsen, H. (2014). Ernst Mach: A genetic introduction to his educational theory and pedagogy. Published in Matthews MR (ed.) (2014) International Handbook of Research in History, Philosophy and Science Teaching. Dordrecht: Springer.
  • Holton, G. (1992). Ernst Mach and the Fortunes of Positivism in America. Isis, 83/1, March, 27 60.
  • Siemsen, H. (2010a). Intuition in the scientific process and the intuitive “error” of science. In: Columbus, A. M. (Ed.) Advances in Psychology Research. Vol. 72. Nova Science, Hauppauge, 1-62.
  • Siemsen, H. (2010b). Alfred Binet and Ernst Mach. Similarities, differences and influences. University of Nancy, Revue Recherches & Éducations, 3/2010: 352-403.

Call for papers


Submit your proposal by using the form connected to the link below:


Deadline for submitting proposals is June 13, 2014 (extended). Please mark your calendars. More information (including plenary speakers) can be found at the conference website (see above). Submit your proposal by clicking on this link:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QX45c3W36RopqjWhmvJcUKMY22Liq329j1doc_Dkgu8/viewform.

Deadline: June 13, 2014

Posted: June 06, 2014