16th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology

August 5-10, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

The Congress has a long history, stretching back to 1960 when the first CLMPS was organized at Stanford University. The congress has a unique character, bringing together the communities of logicians, philosophers of logic and philosophers and historians of science and technology.

The theme of the 16th edition of the congress is “Bridging across academic cultures”. We believe that the communities and societies in both logic and philosophy/history of science are often fragmented and isolated from each other. We want to contribute to redressing this state of things.

CLMPST 2019 will host three plenary lectures, delivered by
Heather Douglas,
Joel D. Hamkins,
and Sandra D. Mitchell.

Visit the conference website here.

Call for papers

CLMPST 2019 calls for contributed papers and contributed symposia in 20 thematic sections

A. Logic
A.1 Mathematical Logic
A.2 Philosophical Logic
A.3 Computational Logic and Applications of Logic
A.4 Historical Aspects of Logic

B. General Philosophy of Science
B.1 Methodology
B.2 Formal Philosophy of Science and Formal Epistemology
B.3 Empirical and Experimental Philosophy of Science
B.4 Metaphysical Issues in the Philosophy of Science
B.5 Ethical and Political Issues in the Philosophy of Science
B.6 Historical Aspects of the Philosophy of Science
B.7 Educational Aspects of the Philosophy of Science

C. Philosophical Issues of Particular Disciplines
C.1 Philosophy of the Formal Sciences (including Logic, Mathematics, Statistics)
C.2 Philosophy of the Physical Sciences (including Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Climate Science)
C.3 Philosophy of the Life Sciences
C.4 Philosophy of the Biomedical and Health Sciences
C.5 Philosophy of the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences
C.6 Philosophy of Computing and Computation
C.7 Philosophy of the Humanities and the Social Sciences
C.8 Philosophy of the Applied Sciences and Technology
C.9 Philosophy of Emerging Sciences

Contributed papers

Submit paper

Please submit, in EasyChair, an abstract of 500 words (including the references) prepared for anonymous review. Indicate to which section you submit the paper (tick the appropriate box).

The allocated time for each contributed paper is 30 minutes (including discussion).

Contributed symposia 
Symposia are groups of talks on a common theme. Each symposium consists of four to twelve papers.

In EasyChair, please make a submission for each paper (b) as well as a submission for the symposium as a whole (a).

Please prepare all parts of the submission for anonymous review and indicate in which section you submit the symposium (tick the appropriate box). Please make sure that all contributors chose the same section.

(a) For the symposium as a whole, please provide a general description of the format and the topic of the proposed symposium and its significance (up to 500 words), and suggest a symposium chair. After the abstract, please list the titles of the talks in the order they should appear at the conference. Please provide the symposium with an acronym, and write this acronym at the beginning of the title of the symposium (<Symposium acronym>: <Title of symposium>). The acronym will be used by the Programme Committee to keep the individual submissions in a proposal together during reviewing and when creating the conference programme.

(b) Each paper within a symposium is submitted with a 500-word abstract. Please write the acronym of the symposium at the beginning of the title of the talk (<Symposium acronym>: <Title of the individual talk>). The acronym will be used by the Programme Committee to keep the individual submissions in a proposal together during reviewing and when creating the conference program.

Although the exact format of symposia is up to the symposium organizers, the allocated time for each symposium paper is 30 minutes. For instance, a symposium with 4 speakers is a 2 hour session (4 x 30 minutes). Note that if a symposium consists of more than 4 speakers, it might be split into two sessions due to coffee breaks in the programme.

Rules for multiple presentations
(a) Every corresponding author is allowed to submit only one individual or symposium paper as a “speaker”. (Organising a symposium does not count as being a “speaker”.)
(b) Authors are permitted to be listed as non-corresponding co-authors of additional papers.
(c) The corresponding author of each paper as well as the organiser of a symposium must be registered as a participant at the Congress and present the paper in Prague.

All questions about submissions should be directed to the congress secretary, Mr. Martin Zach, at clmpst2019@flu.cas.cz.

The members of the Programme Committee are listed here.

Deadline: December 15, 2018

Posted: November 20, 2018