HSS Newsletter – April 2021

Incredible as it may seem, it has been a whole year since the HSS Newsletter has been created and distributed under  COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. It’s been a strange and disturbing, even harrowing, year for many of us, but somehow HSS members have been hard-working and productive as ever, as borne out by the various parts of this issue of the Newsletter.

We have a cover story about another story that was not a cover, a film review disguised as a lecture, an interview with the author of an award winning book, an account of the many guises of a single innovative course, and sadly, a farewell from Jay. That plus our usual offerings from individual members, our Society, our bibliographer, and the profession at large rounds out the April 2021 issue, with something we hope, for everyone.

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Call for Papers: 2021 HSS Annual Meeting

The Call for Papers for the 2021 HSS Meeting program can be accessed here

Please note that the deadline for submissions is 18 April 2021, 11:59 EDT.

If you were part of the 2020 Meeting Program but did not present as part of the Virtual Forum, you have several options to re-submit for the 2021 Meeting. Please go here to see the re-submission guidelines.

For more details about the meeting, please visit the meeting website.

2021 HSS Annual Meeting

The 2021 Annual Meeting of the History of Science Society will be held 18-21 November in New Orleans, Louisiana. The meeting will be held jointly with the Society for the History of Technology. Details on the meeting will be posted to the meeting website here. The HSS thanks you for your patience as we finalize details for the meeting.

HSS Newsletter – Jan. 2021

Greeting HSS members and best wishes for a safe and happy 2021, better in all respects than 2020 has been. As noted when we sent out the previous issue of the Newsletter, despite all the doozies that COVID-19 has thrown — and continues to throw — our way, our Society and members have kept up their good work in myriad ways. We have yet another voluminous Newsletter for you, featuring some of our noteworthy prizewinners from October’s virtual forum (more to follow in upcoming issues), insights from an editor for an academic publisher, and the usual suspects of our corners and sections.

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HSS Newsletter – Oct 2020

Welcome to the October 2020 issue of the HSS Newsletter, just in time to coincide with our first ever Virtual Forum. It is not everyday, or even every year, that history or historians of science are recognized beyond our community, so it was especially gratifying to lead this issue with an article about just that, a commemorative coin in honor of Rosalind Franklin and her crucial x-ray photograph of DNA. We hear from graduate students and early career historians of science about the importance of unionization and from folks in our community who have taken the paths less travelled in their careers. Despite the havoc wreaked by COVID-19, HSS continues to go about its activities as can be seen in our regular columns. We have a letter from a reader and last, but not least, a list of books to read and films to watch in these times of continued lockdowns.

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Emergency Pandemic Fund

Dear Friends of the HSS,

Back in May, we made an unusual request. The current pandemic was upending many of our members’ lives, and we asked for your support. Your enthusiastic response enabled us to aid many students and independent scholars, helping them take care of basic needs, such as rent, to more advanced challenges, such as replacing lost research funds. We believe that this support aligned with our mission – “To foster interest in the history of science” – and since the pandemic is still with us, we are renewing our call for help.

The system that we used last time to distribute funds – a five-member committee, with representatives from Council, from the Development Committee and from the Finance Committee – worked well and we will continue with that model. Because the Society’s finances have been shaken by these events, we will only award amounts based on donations we receive in response to this appeal. Through this unique program, we especially hope to help those who are early in their careers, as well as those whose future in the history of science has been dimmed. If you are able to give any amount, please go to this link: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/pandemic-emergency-fund. (If this link does not work, you may give through the University of Chicago Press site: https://subfill.uchicago.edu/JournalPubs/Donation.aspx?webpub=isi. Simply write “Pandemic Fund” in the note field).

And if you are one of those members in need, you may go to this link to request help: https://hssonline.formstack.com/forms/pandemic. We will accept applications through 18 September 2020. If you are not an HSS member, we will deduct the membership dues from any award. Scholars who reside in non-OECD countries, will be eligible for our Sponsor-a-Scholar program (see https://hssonline.org/membership/sponsor-a-scholar-program/ for details).Please remember that our funds are limited, but we will help as best as we can. All applications reviewed by the committee will be anonymized.

Thank you for your membership.

Jan Golinski, HSS President
Jay Malone, HSS Executive Director