The Embryo Project

Winner of the 2018 Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize for excellence in education

The Embryo Project, Steve Elliott and Erica Leigh O’Neill (Arizona State University)

The Joseph H. Hazen Prize Committee of the History of Science Society is proud to award the 2018 Prize to the Embryo Project at Arizona State University. A team effort led primarily by graduate students, the Embryo Project was founded in 2007 and has since become a model for communicating science to the wider public as well as training more than 200 skilled and insightful scholars of the history of developmental and reproductive biology. Its open-access digital Encyclopedia is widely cited by scholars in diverse fields, contains hundreds of original articles, and receives well over a million pageviews each year. The committee believes that the Embryo Project is a superb example of the power and reach of public engagement with the history of science, one that is also training a new generation of engaged and creative educators. The Project and its many members truly embody the ideals celebrated by the Hazen Prize for excellence in education in the history of science.

Richard Duschl, JB Shank, Mark Waddell (Chair)

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