The Ronald Rainger Early Career Award in History of the Earth and Environmental Sciences

This prize will be awarded annually by the History of Science Society (HSS).
The Rainger Prize was conceived in the Earth and Environment Forum (EEF), a
lively group of scholars interested in histories of knowledge about the land,
sea, and sky, and in all manner of physical, human and life sciences as they
have been practiced outdoors, in transit, or on a global scale. Ronald Rainger
(1949-2016) was a historian of geology, paleontology, biology, and
oceanography who distinguished himself equally for his scholarly work and for
his generosity to colleagues in the field. The Rainger Early Career Award
commemorates Ron’s contributions in both respects. Furthermore, the Rainger
Prize reflects HSS’s commitment to supporting emerging scholars and their
work, especially digital works.

Eligibility for the Rainger Award:

  • This annual prize will be awarded for a single, specific work such as an
    article, exhibition, or interactive resource whose primary topic is the
    history of the earth and environmental sciences broadly construed.
  • Published and unpublished articles are equally eligible, as are any digital
    or other projects that represent the outcome of original scholarly research
    in the history of the earth and environmental sciences.
  • The prospective winner(s) must be enrolled in a graduate program or no more
    than three years past the completion of a relevant doctoral degree. For the
    purposes of this award, that means that, as of the prize-nomination
    deadline, no more than three full years have elapsed since
    the end of the year in which the candidate received the doctoral
    degree. Works that have been published/exhibited remain eligible (regardless
    of publication date) for as long as the author/creator remains eligible.
  • Multi-authored works are eligible for consideration as long as the prize
    committee receives a brief statement describing the role(s) of the eligible
    author(s). In the event that more than one co-author of the winning
    submission is eligible for the Rainger Prize, the authors will be considered
    joint winners and the prize will be split between them according to the
    discretion of the committee. In any event, the prize will only be awarded to
    those authors who meet the eligibility requirements above. Works that
    members of the committee have written or edited, in whole or in part, are
    ineligible for consideration until such time as those persons are no longer
    members of the committee.
  • Works in languages other than English will be eligible if they are
    accompanied by an English translation.

Works are typically nominated by the HSS membership and by publishers. Check
the nomination form below for the deadline.

Submit a nomination for the Rainger Award.

Past Winners of the Rainger Award

2020 Emily Kern, “Archaeology Enters the ‘Atomic Age’: A Short History of Radiocarbon, 1946–1960,” The British Journal for the History of Science 53, no. 2 (June 2020)
2019 Leah Aronowsky, “Of Astronauts and Algae: NASA and the Dream of Multispecies
,” Environmental Humanities 97, vol. 2 (November 2017)
2018 Owen James Hyman, “Anxieties of the Plastic Age: Cotton Culture, White Supremacy, and
Tenant Forestry in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta, 1935-1953”