Philip J. Pauly Prize


The Philip Pauly Prize (formerly the Forum for the History of Science in America Prize) is awarded for the best first book on the history of science in the Americas (broadly defined to include North American science including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States) and written in English. To be eligible, the book must have been published in the previous three years; i.e., the 2020 prize will be awarded for a book published in 2017, 2018, or 2019. Eligible candidates may self-nominate.


For over two decades, HSS’s Forum on the History of Science in America awarded an annual prize to junior scholars, offering it in alternating years for a first article or first book. Over those years, the description of the prize was clarified by members at the Forum’s annual meeting as issues arose, and when Philip Pauly died the group voted to award the prize in his name. At the annual meeting in 2015, the members agreed that the first article prize was complicated to administer and that at this point in time there were sufficient new books to warrant simply awarding a book prize every year.

Eligibility for the Pauly Prize:

  • This annual prize will be awarded for a first book on American science, broadly construed.
  • Multi-authored works are eligible for consideration as long as the prize committee receives a brief statement describing the role(s) of the eligible author(s). In the event that more than one co-author of the winning submission is eligible for the Pauly Prize, the authors will be considered joint winners and the prize will be split between them according to the discretion of the committee. Works that members of the committee have written or edited, in whole or in part, are ineligible for consideration until such time as those persons are no longer members of the committee.

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