Outstanding Service Award

In 1982, HSS President Gerald Holton proposed that the HSS establish a new distinguished service award for “Society members who carry out HSS business with distinction.” From time to time the Committee on Honors and Prizes may recommend to the Executive Committee the honoring of a member of the Society for outstanding service to the discipline in domains not covered by the regularly established awards, prizes, and medals. Such service might include, but should not be limited to the mentoring of young scholars, promotion of the discipline through non-print media, unusual service as an editor, the establishment of an outstanding museum, etc. Nominations for such honors may come to the Committee on Honors and Prizes from any member of committee of the Society. Check the nomination form below for the deadline.

Submit a Nomination for the Outstanding Service Award

Past Winners of the Outstanding Service Award

Neale Wheeler Watson for his decades of active and enthusiastic interest in the scholarship of the authors, books, and edited volumes published under his Science History Publications/USA Imprints.
2007 Joan Vandegrift for her decades of service providing manuscript editing of Isis
2006 Marc Rothenberg for his ten‐year service as Treasurer
2005 Frederick Burkhart for his role as founding editor of the Darwin Correspondence Project and for his many contributions to the History of Science
2004 Nate Reingold for his role as a “pioneer in the history of science”
1999 John Neu for his decades of service as editor of the Isis Bibliography
1994 Arnold Thackray for his editorial work on IsisOsiris, and the HSS Newsletter