Joseph H. Hazen Lecture

The Joseph H. Hazen Lecture is part of the History of Science Society’s educational efforts and public outreach programs. The Lecture is named after Joseph Hazen (1898-1994), a longtime supporter of the Society. After his death, his daughter Cynthia Hazen Polsky gave the Society a generous donation, which included arrangements for a biennial or triennial lecture in the history of science to be delivered in cooperation with the New York Academy of Science.

The Joseph H. Hazen Lecturers are:

2018, Jane Maienschein: “A History of Embryos and Gene Editing in the Public Eye”

2016, Joseph Dauben: “Science and Art in China: Li Matou (Matteo Ricci), Lang Shining (Giuseppe Castiglione), and the Influence of Western Geometry and Mathematical Perspective on Early Qing Dynasty Mathematicians and Artists”

2014, Bernard V. Lightman, “Experiments in the Popularization of Mid-Victorian Science: Museums and Exhibitions”

2012, Anne Harrington: “Bodies Behaving Badly: Insights from the History of Mind-Body Medicine and Why They Matter

2010, Richard W. Burkhardt: “Lamarck and the Zoo

2008, Janet Browne: “‘The Advantage of Private Income’: Charles Darwin, Evolutionary Theory, and the Natural Economy of Households”

2006, Gerald Holton: “The Art of Scientific Research”