Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize

The Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to the teaching of history of science. Educational activities recognized by the award are to be construed in the broadest sense and should include but not be limited to the following: classroom teaching (K-12, undergraduate, graduate, or extended education), mentoring of young scholars, museum work, journalism, organization and administration of educational programs, influential writing, educational research, innovation in the methodology of instruction, preparation of pedagogical materials, or public outreach through non-print media. Nominations may be made by any HSS member and should include a curriculum vitae of the nominee, a statement of not more than 1000 words describing her or his educational contributions, and not more than two seconding letters. All nominations remain active for three years. Check the nomination form below for the deadline.


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Past Winners of the Hazen Education Prize


2020 Allison C. Marsh (University of South Carolina)
2019 Michael Osborne (Oregon State University)
2018 The Embryo Project, Steve Elliott and Erica Leigh O’Neill (Arizona State University)
2017 Marvin Bolt (Corning Museum of Glass)
2016 Joan L. Richards (Brown University)
2015 Sally Kohlstedt (University of Minnesota)
2014 Monica H. Green (Arizona State University)
2013 Peter Pesic (St. John’s College)
2012 Vassiliki (Betty) Smocovitis (University of Florida)
2011 Pamela Henson (Smithsonian Institution Archives)
2010 Michael Matthews (University of New South Wales)
2009 Frederick Gregory (University of Florida)
2008 Sara Schechner (Harvard University)
2007 Joe Cain (University College London)
2006 Graeme Gooday (University of Leeds)
2005 Pamela Mack (Clemson University)
2004 Falk Riess (Carl von Ossietzky University)
2003 Paul L. Farber (Oregon State University)
2002 Robert A. Hatch (University of Florida)
2001 Stephen Brush (University of Maryland)
2000 Jane Maienschein (Arizona State University)
1999 Liba Taub (Whipple Museum)
1998 Gerald Holton (Harvard University) and James Rutherford (AAAS)