Officers and Committees

Jan Golinski, University of New Hampshire

Karen Rader, Virginia Commonwealth University

Luis Campos, University of New Mexico

Gwen Kay, State University of New York, Oswego

Alexandra Hui, Mississippi State University (ex officio)
Matthew Lavine, Mississippi State University

Executive Director
Robert J. Malone, History of Science Society (ex officio)

HSS Council

Susan Jones
Gordon McOuat
Erika Milam
Suman Seth
Gabriela Soto Laveaga
Paola Bertucci
Nathaniel Comfort
Olival Freire
Jacob Darwin Hamblin
Elly Truitt
Stephanie Dick
Sven Dupré
Julia Kursell
Ahmed Ragab
Neil Safier
Helen Anne Curry
Pablo Gómez
Elaine Leong
Maria Portuondo
Simon Werrett

Past President

Bernard Lightman, York University

Listing of Past Presidents

Chairs of Standing Committees

Joanna Radin

Diversity and Inclusion
Myrna Perez Sheldon and Don Opitz

Education and Engagement
Jean-François Gauvin

Gwen Kay, HSS Treasurer

Honors and Prizes
David Kaiser

Watson Davis and Helen Miles Davis Prize, Susan Jones

Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize, Richard Duschl

Suzanne J. Levinson Prize, Robin Scheffler

Philip J. Pauly Prize, Christine Keiner

Pfizer Award, Janet Bowne

Derek Price/Rod Webster Award, Luciano Boschiero

Ronald Rainger Prize, Mott Greene

Nathan Reingold Prize, Daniel Margócsy

Margaret W. Rossiter History of Women in Science Prize, Kathryn Davis

Meetings and Programs
Karen-Beth G. Scholthof, Texas A&M University

Zuoyue Wang

Nominating Committee
Elena Aronova

Alex Csiszar

Technology and Communication
Kate Sheppard

Research and the Profession

Women’s Caucus
Alix Cooper and Jaipreet Virdi

Graduate and Early Career Caucus
Sarah Narramore

HSS at Work
Matt Shindell

Other Society Officials

National Humanities Alliance
Robert J. Malone, History of Science Society 

American Council of Learned Societies
Lynn Nyhart

Washington Representative
Marc Rothenberg

Alexandra Hui and Matthew Lavine, Mississippi State University

Associate Editor of the Current Bibliography
Stephen Weldon, University of Oklahoma

Associate Co-Editors of Osiris
W. Patrick McCray, University of California, Santa Barbara
Suman Seth, Cornell University

HSS/NASA Fellowship
Omar Nasim