Officers and Committees

Executive Committee


Janet Browne, Harvard University


Bernie Lightman, York University


Luis Campos, University of New Mexico


Gwen Kay, State University of New York, Oswego


H. Floris Cohen, Utrecht University (emeritus)

Executive Director

Robert J. Malone, History of Science Society (ex officio)


HSS Council


Carin Berkowitz, Chemical Heritage Foundation
Fa-ti Fan, Binghamton University 
James Fleming, Colby College
Lawrence Principe, Johns Hopkins University
Audra Wolfe, The Outside Reader


Babak AshrafiConsortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Aileen Fyfe, University of St. Andrews
Anita Guerrini, Oregon State University
Edna Suárez Díaz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Mary Terrall, University of California, Los Angeles


Susan Jones, University of Minnesota
Gordon McOuat, University of King’s College
Erika Milam, Princeton University
Suman Seth, Cornell University
Gabriela Soto Laveaga, Harvard University


Past President

Angela Creager, Princeton University
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Chairs of Standing Committees


Dawn Digrius,  California State University


Gwen Kay, HSS Treasurer

Honors and Prizes

Derek Price/Rod Webster Award, Anita GuerriniOregon State University

Nathan Reingold Prize, Alex JonesInstitute for the Study of the Ancient World

Margaret W. Rossiter History of Women in Science Prize, Gwen Kay, SUNY Oswego

Pfizer Award, Crosbie Smith, University of Kent

Watson Davis and Helen Miles Davis Prize, Erik Conway, California Institute of Technology

Suzanne J. Levinson Prize, Greg Radick, University of Leeds

Meetings and Programs

Karen-Beth Scholthof, Texas A&M University

Nominating Committee

Matthias DörriesUniversité de Strasbourg


Florence HsiaUniversity of Wisconsin – Madison

Research and the Profession

Women’s Caucus

Co-Chair, Megan Raby, University of Texas (2015-2017)
Co-Chair, Tina Gianquitto, Colorado School of Mines (2016-2018)

Joint Caucus for Socially Engaged Philosophers and Historians of Science:

Co-Chair, Rachel Ankeny, University of Adelaide
Co-Chair, Janet Stemwedel, San Jose State University

Graduate and Early Career Caucus

Co-Chair, Bridget Collins, University of Wisconsin (2014-16)
Co- Chair, Courtney Thompson, Mississippi State University (2015-17)

HSS at Work

Jessica Baron, University of Notre Dame (2014-16)

Other Society Officials

National Humanities Alliance

Robert J. Malone, History of Science Society 

American Council of Learned Societies

Mike Sokal, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Washington Representative

Victoria Harden, NIH


H. Floris Cohen, University of Utrecht

Associate Editor of the Current Bibliography

Stephen Weldon, University of Oklahoma

Associate Co-Editors of Osiris

W. Patrick McCray, University of California, Santa Barbara
Suman Seth, Cornell University