What is HSS Digital?

This is a forum for all things digital in history of science. This is an arena for showcasing some of the most interesting recent work in digital history of science, for discussing the future of digital history of science, and for pointing people to resources.

The premise of this site is that we are all digital scholars in some form or fashion. We take the phrase digital scholarship in its broadest form to mean anything that involves electronic or digital tools, resources, or texts. Anyone who writes with a word processor, communicates by email, or accesses a database is doing digital scholarship. Each of these common activities has transformed the nature of the scholarly world we inhabit—word processors have changed how we revise, edit, and distribute texts; email has increased the accessibility and speed with which scholars can communicate with each other; and databases have made research faster, more integrated, and more inclusive.

And these are simply things we take for granted. On top of that we now have people curating digital exhibits with multimedia, building web interfaces for traditional scholarly resources, doing computational analytics that reveal patterns in the historical data, using popular social media platforms to foster community and scholarship around the globe, teaching gamified classes, and so on.

Because all of our work has been transformed by the digital environment, we must all engage it. This site seeks to orient you to digital media, data, and tools used in the service of history of science scholarship.

As we build this site, we encourage people looking for information to respond to us and tell us where we need to provide more resources. If you think you are doing digital scholarship and you don’t see yourself here, then talk to us.