Apply Now for 2022–2023 Huntington Library Research Fellowships

The Huntington Library will begin accepting Research Fellowship Applications for the 22-23 fellowship year for Long-Term Fellowships, Short-Term Fellowships, and Travel Grants on August 31, 2021, until 12PM Noon PST on November 15, 2021.


The Huntington is a collections-based research and educational institution, which promotes humanities scholarship on the basis of its library holdings and Art Collections.

The Library holds more than 11 million items that span the 11th to 21st centuries. Its diverse materials center on fourteen intersecting collection strengths.


The Huntington offers fourteen Long-Term Fellowships for nine to twelve months in residence, each with a stipend of $50,000. Although nine of these are open to scholars working on projects in any area where The Huntington’s collections are strong, there are specific awards for the study of Octavia E. Butler (the Butler fellowship), maritime history (The Kemble Fellowship), the history of medicine (The Molina Fellowship) and the history of science (The Dibner Fellowships). Three awards (the Thom Fellowships) are reserved for recent post-doctoral scholars.

Approximately 140 Short-Term Fellowships are available for one to five months in residence and carry monthly stipends of $3,500. They are open to scholars in any field where The Huntington’s collections are strong.

Recipients of all fellowships are expected to be in continuous residence at The Huntington and to participate in, and make a contribution to, its intellectual life.

Six Travel Grants for Study Abroad are available in any of the fields in which The Huntington’s own collections are strong and where the research will be carried out in libraries or archives outside of the United States or Canada, especially those in the UK, continental Europe, or Latin America.

We also offer nine Exchange Fellowships with Corpus Christi, Jesus, Linacre, Lincoln, and New Colleges, Oxford; Trinity Hall, Cambridge; Trinity College Dublin/Marsh’s Library; the University of Durham; and the John Rylands Research Institute and Library at The University of Manchester (funding available starting Aug. 22). The intention is to encourage projects which can be developed both in The Huntington’s collections and in archives across the world.

For details of eligibility and the applications process, see


Applications ae submitted online. It is advisable to begin your online application well before the application deadline. You may revise your application at any time until the deadline. For more information, see Fellowship FAQs or email