HSS/SHOT Annual Meeting Regional Hub Grant

The HSS/SHOT joint meeting 18-21 November is an exercise in community. Even though we wish we could see each other in person, it doesn’t mean that local communities can’t get together. 

For some, particularly those in areas with unreliable personal wifi access, we wish to provide the opportunity to receive modest financial support to provide a “hub” for several attendees in one area.

The proposed hub should nominate one person to fill out the application and serve as the point of contact for HSS. This person should, prior to filling out the application, ascertain how many attendees they anticipate inviting to take part in their hub experience, obtain permission from the facility in question, and include funding for both in their proposal. For instance, a university’s dean may want to activate a regional hub and can assume the participation of 12 local attendees (from the same region or country). A potential hub proposal might, for example, request:

  • Wifi support (to boost the wifi capabilities of the host site or university for the weekend in which the conference takes place), and
  • funding for food & beverage over four days.

Base your application on your group’s specific needs. Receipts and a final budget accounting for costs, with receipts, must be submitted upon the conclusion of the conference.

To apply to host a regional hub, your application must meet the following requirements:

  1. You have at your disposal a moderately sized conference venue, such as a university classroom with wifi capabilities and a place to congregate for meals, AND
  2. You as host are a current member of HSS or SHOT in good standing, AND
  3. You are in a part of the world where you can gather safely in small groups without putting others at risk for COVID-19 transmission (we do not want to encourage activities that will endanger the health of our members and attendees).

Please note that each attendee who attends via a virtual hub MUST register individually for the HSS/SHOT Annual Meeting. The hub does not bypass individual registration requirements; it merely provides a means for which those with unreliable wifi at home can join together in person in a regional location, to experience the conference in a small group setting.

NOTE: Awardees (the person hosting the hub) will receive their hub grants before the conference, once they have submitted the appropriate materials below:

  • names of all attendees planned for the hub (all must be registered)  
  • revised (if necessary) budget for how the funds will be used  
  • receipts for catering or wifi arrangements made in advance

AFTER the conference, a revised and updated budget with all receipts (including proof of attendance for participants) will need to be submitted to the HSS Executive Office accounting for the use of all funds.

HSS will accept regional hub proposals until to 5 November 2021. Notifications of acceptance will go out on 10 November. If you have any questions or concerns about grants, please email morgan@hssonline.org.

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