HSS Newsletter – October 2021

It is with a mixture of sadness and, dare I say, pride that I am writing this my last introduction to an issue of the HSS Newsletter. Sad because I’ve enjoyed checking in with everyone every quarter, but proud because it’s been a grand two -year run. The October issue is somewhat slimmer than what you’ve perhaps become used to seeing in the past year or two, but there is no lacking in its quality. We begin with a snapshot of our new Executive director, JP’s vision for the society, we welcome a new generation of prize-winning scholars to our fold and hear from an oral historian about his craft. We have news about HSS, including a nice bit about books from our bibliographer, news about our members, and last but not least from the profession at large. Thank you all, it has been a privilege to serve in this capacity.

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HSS Newsletter Editor

Neeraja Sankaran