HSS Newsletter – July 2021

It’s not often that we get to hear from the editors save in editor’s notes (and blurbs like these) but we kick off the July issue of the HSS Newsletter with a conversation on gender representation with the editors of Isis, the future HSS President, and representatives of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, and further along, another conversation of translation and historiography in which the Newsletter editor takes part. Other offerings this quarter include a trip down memory lane by a historian  reconstructing the circumstances that led to the recent publication of a piece composed nearly 30 years ago, an interview with a prize-winning book author and a letter from one of our members about the impact on scholarship during pandemic conditions on the disabled community. Most of the  usual suspects are chock-a-block with news as usual, except for the Innovations in Education corner, which will be back in October, hopefully with a double whammy.

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