HSS SHOT 2020: Now Live

We are excited to announce that registration to our joint HSS and SHOT 2020 Virtual Forum is now open!


Please go to our Registration Form. Registration will be processed via the OpenWater conference platform. After successfully registering, you will receive a confirmation email.

To log in to the meeting website, click on the “Login” link. Enter the email address you used to register. You will be emailed a link that allows you to log in. Unless you clear your browser, you should only need to log in once. Please note that for security purposes, there will be a delay before you can log in to the meeting website. If you receive an error that your log in cannot be found, your registration is still under review and you need to try logging in again later.

Please contact HSS if you have any issues or questions.

Registration Fees

Registration fees (regular: $75; discount rate $25) include access to all SHOT and HSS programs and provide closed captioning service and other features to enhance accessibility. We face high costs for this joint virtual conference, paying for the online platform, live technical assistants, plus captioning for enhanced accessibility. Therefore, we have introduced a third, so-called “institutional tier,” which is the full rate for participants who can get their registration fee covered by a university, department, or institution. Accordingly, if your institution will reimburse you, we ask you to please register at this full rate of $150 US. This will help us to cover our high costs, while allowing us to offer a discounted rate and grants for graduate students to make the meeting as broadly accessible as possible.

Preliminary Program

Please visit our Preliminary Program for the latest updates.

Live Delivery

The HSS 2020 Virtual Forum aims for live delivery, unless there is an extenuating circumstance for a pre-recorded talk. If at all possible, please make sure to be available for questions during the discussion time of your session. See our guidelines for pre-recording talks.

Terms and Conditions

By virtue of registration, all Virtual Forum participants consent to abide by our Terms and Conditions. Please read them before the meeting.


What time will the meeting take place?

 Sessions will run from 8-10 Oct, with the HSS Business meeting on 11 Oct. (SHOT sessions will take place on 9-10 Oct.) Most sessions will start at 11:0 am EDT as we try to accommodate as many time zones as possible. Since some sessions will be recorded, people will be able to go back and view these at their convenience, up to a week after the forum.

Are HSS and SHOT meeting together?

Yes! And your registration will give you access to both meetings (live and recorded). We are using a common meeting platform to ease your travel from one meeting to another. Please note that SHOT is opting for a shorter meeting period, 9-10 October.

Will the sessions be live?

Yes, for the most part. And with any live performance, there will be problems, so please bear with us.  We plan to record many of the live sessions, which will be available after the meeting for a limited time.

I’m exhausted with Zoom. What will the sessions look like?

We plan on 1-hour sessions with a 30-minute break in between. Presenters will be asked to adjust their talks for a virtual environment and to hold to a strict time line.

I live for the HSS business meeting. When will that take place?

The annual business meeting, which is required in our bylaws, does not have to occur at the same time as the virtual meeting, but tradition dies hard so it is scheduled on Sunday morning, as is our custom: 11 Oct from 11-12 EDT.  

I am not sure if I am registered. How can I tell?

You should have received a confirmation email with the subject, “The Joint HSS/SHOT Virtual Forum Registration Confirmation”. Registration is available on the Virtual Forum website.

I’m registered. Now, how do I log in?

Click “Login” on the Virtual Forum website. You will be asked to provide the email with which you registered. Click “Sign in” and you’ll receive an email with a link that will log you in automatically. Note that there may be a delay between when you register and when you can log in to the system. If you receive an error that your email address was not found, please try again later. Additionally, when you’re logged in, the sidebar will show “Welcome << Your Name >>” and give you the ability to update some information.

Where Do I Find an Invoice?

Unfortunately, invoices aren’t available from the OpenWater system. Please contact us to have an invoice emailed to you.

Does it matter what kind of browser I use for the meeting?

No. OpenWater can be used on all modern browsers and operating systems. For best results, OpenWater recommends using Google Chrome.

Authors’ Pitch

Our call for the Authors’ Book Pitch will close on Oct. 1 — you have a few more days to submit your 3-minute video.

We look forward to seeing you at our first virtual HSS conference!