Pandemic Emergency Fund

Dear Friends of the History of Science,

In these unusual times, we write with an unusual request. The History of Science Society has always viewed our mission statement as our highest priority: “To foster interest in the history of science, promote discussion of science’s social and cultural relations, and bring this understanding to others worldwide.” We traditionally do these things by publishing scholarly work, by awarding prizes for exceptional scholarship, by hosting an annual meeting, performing outreach, and dozens of other activities. The pandemic has forced us to look anew at what we have traditionally done and ask ourselves, what can we do now to further interest in the history of science? We recognize that promotion of this interest demands practitioners, those like you who love the history of science, and that the pandemic has created a unique challenge to many of our members. To help those who are struggling to meet that challenge, we are creating a fund to provide emergency financial assistance. A five-member committee, composed mostly of Council members, will accept applications for support and make awards. But because the Society’s finances have been buffeted by this storm, we will only award amounts based on donations we receive in response to this special appeal. Through this unique program, we especially hope to help those who are early in their careers, as well as those whose future in the history of science has been dimmed. If you are able to give any amount, please go to this link:

And if you are one of those members in need, you may go to this link to request help: We will accept applications through 26 May.

Please remember that our funds are limited, but we will help as best as we can. All applications reviewed by the committee will be anonymized.

Thank you for your membership.

Jan Golinski, HSS President
Jay Malone, HSS Executive Director