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The Colonial Life of Pharmaceuticals: Medicines and Modernity in Vietnam (Global Health Histories) by Laurence Monnais
The Republic of Color: Science, Perception, and the Making of Modern America by Michael Rossi
Translating Nature: Cross-Cultural Histories of Early Modern Science (The Early Modern Americas) by Jaime Marroquín Arredondo
Destined for the Stars: Faith, the Future, and America’s Final Frontier by Catherine L. Newell
Goldfish (Animal) by Anna Marie Roos
Curves for the Mathematically Curious: An Anthology of the Unpredictable, Historical, Beautiful, and Romantic by Julian Havil
Tales of Impossibility: The 2000-Year Quest to Solve the Mathematical Problems of Antiquity by David S. Richeson
Anxious Times: Medicine and Modernity in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Sci & Culture in the Nineteenth Century) by Amelia Bonea
News from Mars: Mass Media and the Forging of a New Astronomy, 1860-1910 (Sci & Culture in the Nineteenth Century) by Joshua Nall
The Sense of Smell in the Middle Ages: A Source of Certainty (Studies in Medieval History and Culture) by Katelynn Robinson
Instrumental Lives: An Intimate Biography of an Indian Laboratory (Routledge Focus on Modern Subjects) by Pankaj Sekhsaria
The European Encyclopedia: From 1650 to the Twenty-First Century by Jeff Loveland
The Market in Mind: How Financialization Is Shaping Neuroscience, Translational Medicine, and Innovation in Biotechnology (The MIT Press) by Mark Dennis Robinson
Mad Dogs and Other New Yorkers: Rabies, Medicine, and Society in an American Metropolis, 1840–1920 (Animals, History, Culture) by Jessica Wang
Science, Technology, and Irish Modernism (Irish Studies) by Kathryn Conrad
Darwin's Most Wonderful Plants: A Tour of His Botanical Legacy by Ken Thompson
Fiction Without Humanity: Person, Animal, Thing in Early Enlightenment Literature and Culture by Lynn Festa
The Sense of Movement: An Intellectual History by Roger Smith
Science, Religion, and the Protestant Tradition: Retracing the Origins of Conflict (Sci & Culture in the Nineteenth Century) by James C. Ungureanu
Symptomatic Subjects: Bodies, Medicine, and Causation in the Literature of Late Medieval England (Alembics: Penn Studies in Literature and Science) by Julie Orlemanski
Atomic Junction: Nuclear Power in Africa after Independence by Abena Dove Osseo-Asare
Rethinking History, Science, and Religion: An Exploration of Conflict and the Complexity Principle by Bernard Lightman
Magic and the Dignity of Man: Pico della Mirandola and His Oration in Modern Memory by Brian P. Copenhaver
Waters of the World: The Story of the Scientists Who Unraveled the Mysteries of Our Oceans, Atmosphere, and Ice Sheets and Made the Planet Whole by Sarah Dry
Neptune’s Laboratory: Fantasy, Fear, and Science at Sea by Antony Adler
An Alfred Russel Wallace Companion by Charles H. Smith
The Royal Society: And the Invention of Modern Science by Adrian Tinniswood
The Art of the Bird: The History of Ornithological Art through Forty Artists by Roger J. Lederer
Wasp (Animal) by Richard Jones
Polar Bear (Animal) by Margery Fee
Into the Field: Human Scientists of Transwar Japan by Miriam L. Kingsberg Kadia
Geographies of City Science: Urban Life and Origin Debates in Late Victorian Dublin (Sci & Culture in the Nineteenth Century) by Tanya O'Sullivan
A Science of Our Own: Exhibitions and the Rise of Australian Public Science (Sci & Culture in the Nineteenth Century) by Peter H. Hoffenberg
Robert Paul and the Origins of British Cinema (Cinema and Modernity) by Ian Christie
The Age of Intoxication: Origins of the Global Drug Trade (The Early Modern Americas) by Benjamin Breen
Forgotten Healers: Women and the Pursuit of Health in Late Renaissance Italy (I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History) by Sharon T. Strocchia
Buddhism and Medicine: An Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Sources by C. Pierce Salguero
Deadly Biocultures: The Ethics of Life-Making by Nadine Ehlers
The Pasts of Roman Anatolia: Interpreters, Traces, Horizons by Felipe Rojas
Photographic Returns: Racial Justice and the Time of Photography by Shawn Michelle Smith
The Information Manifold: Why Computers Can't Solve Algorithmic Bias and Fake News (History and Foundations of Information Science) by Antonio Badia
The Construction of Analogy-Based Research Programs: The Lock-and-Key Analogy in 20th Century Biochemistry (Science Studies) by Rebecca Mertens
Beyond the Meme: Development and Structure in Cultural Evolution (Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science) by Alan C. Love
Journal Du Voyage En Hollande 1794: Lalandiana IV (Histoire Des Sciences - Textes) (French Edition) by Jerome Lalande
Conceptual Developments of 20th Century Field Theories by Tian Yu Cao
Oxygen, Acids, and Water: Eight Chapters from the Elementary Treatise on Chemistry by Howard J. Fisher
Sifilografía: A History of the Writerly Pox in the Eighteenth-Century Hispanic World (Writing the Early Americas) by Juan Carlos González Espitia
Kepler, Renovateur De L'optique (Histoire Et Philosophie Des Sciences) (French Edition) by Gerard Simon
Real Life Cryptology: Ciphers and Secrets in Early Modern Hungary by Benedek Láng
Health Disparities in the United States: Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, and the Social Determinants of Health by Donald A. Barr
Aristotle's Science of Matter and Motion by Christopher Byrne
JER�NIMO MU�OZ by Victor Navarro Brotons
From Commodification to the Common Good: Reconstructing Science, Technology, and Society by Hans Radder
186.¿entre el fiscal y el verdugo? by Jose Ramon Bertomeu Sanchez
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2019 by Mircea Pitici
Vital Forms: Biological Art, Architecture, and the Dependencies of Life by Jennifer Johung
Paracelsus: An Alchemical Life (Renaissance Lives) by Bruce T. Moran
Hannah's War by Jan Eliasberg
The Papers of Thomas A. Edison: New Beginnings, January 1885–December 1887 (Volume 8) by Thomas A. Edison
Geographers: Biobibliographical Studies, Volume 37 by Elizabeth Baigent
The Correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 26, 1878 by Charles Darwin
The Correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 22, 1874 by Charles Darwin
Organisme Et Corps Organique De Leibniz a Kant (Mathesis) (French Edition) by Francois Duchesneau
Glacier: Nature and Culture (Earth) by Peter G. Knight
Trail of Footprints: A History of Indigenous Maps from Viceregal Mexico by Alex Hidalgo
NASA and the Long Civil Rights Movement by Stephen P. Waring
The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth: And Other Curiosities from the History of Medicine by Thomas Morris
Richard Rufus: Sententia cum quaestionibus in libros De anima Aristotelis (Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi) by Jennifer Ottman
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