HSS Newsletter (Oct 2019)

HSS October 2019 Newsletter Cover featuring Utrecht, the Netherlands Welcome to the Oct. 2019 issue of the HSS Newsletter, a well-packed volume with goodies for and from our members from different walks of life in history of science.

Even as we are delighted to be welcoming the newest initiates to the profession—who tell us a bit about their research and what makes them tick in HPS—we are also sadly reminded of those whom we have lost. To paraphrase Michael Ruse’s apt goodbye, we mourn their passing but celebrate their lives.

Last year’s Pfizer Award winner Anita Guerrini shares some insights about her book, and Kristen Frederick-Frost offers a glimpse into her job as a curator of scientific objects in a history museum.

We have our usual round-up of news from members, the society and the profession at large, the growing size of which sections offer evidence that we are a vibrant and robust company of like minds and shared interests.

HSS Newsletter Editor
Neeraja Sankaran