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Materials of the Mind: Phrenology, Race, and the Global History of Science, 1815-1920
Aristotle's Science of Matter and Motion
Experimental Selves: Person and Experience in Early Modern Europe
Organisme Et Corps Organique De Leibniz a Kant (Mathesis) (French Edition)
An Unnatural History of Religions: Academia, Post-truth and the Quest for Scientific Knowledge (Scientific Studies of Religion: Inquiry and Explanation)
The Spirit of Inquiry: How one extraordinary society shaped modern science
Hot Carbon: Carbon-14 and a Revolution in Science
Richard Rufus: Sententia cum quaestionibus in libros De anima Aristotelis (Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi)
Speculum Medicine
Familienkorrespondenz: August 1854 Bis Marz 1857 (German Edition)
Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father
Between Greece and Babylonia: Hellenistic Intellectual History in Cross-Cultural Perspective (Cambridge Classical Studies)
Collecting Experiments: Making Big Data Biology
Drugs on the Page: Pharmacopoeias and Healing Knowledge in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Ydea astronomica de la fabrica del mundo y movimiento de los cuerpos celestiales
Experimenting at the Boundaries of Life: Organic Vitality in Germany around 1800 (Sci & Culture in the Nineteenth Century)
A New Order of Medicine: The Rise of Physicians in Reformation Nuremberg
Psychiatry and Its Discontents
The Future of Immortality: Remaking Life and Death in Contemporary Russia (Princeton Studies in Culture and Technology Book 23)
All Things Harmless, Useful, and Ornamental: Environmental Transformation through Species Acclimatization, from Colonial Australia to the World (Flows, Migrations, and Exchanges)
Holy Science: The Biopolitics of Hindu Nationalism (Feminist Technosciences)
Working with Paper: Gendered Practices in the History of Knowledge
How We Teach Science: What's Changed, and Why It Matters
Higher and Colder: A History of Extreme Physiology and Exploration
Poisonous Skies: Acid Rain and the Globalization of Pollution
Membranes to Molecular Machines: Active Matter and the Remaking of Life (Synthesis)
Stanley's Dream: The Medical Expedition to Easter Island (Carleton Library Series)
What Nostalgia Was: War, Empire, and the Time of a Deadly Emotion (Chicago Studies in Practices of Meaning)
Showcasing Science: A History of Teylers Museum in the Nineteenth Century (History of Science and Scholarship in the Netherlands)
Jane Addams's Evolutionary Theorizing: Constructing
Otto Blumenthal: Ausgewählte Briefe und Schriften I: 1897-1918 (Mathematik im Kontext) (German Edition)
A Contagious Cause: The American Hunt for Cancer Viruses and the Rise of Molecular Medicine
Marking Time: Romanticism and Evolution
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