October – December 2018

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 The Scientific Correspondence of H.A. Lorentz: Volume 2, the Dutch Correspondents (Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences)
 The Innovators Behind Leonardo: The True Story of the Scientific and Technological Renaissance
 The American Lab: An Insider’s History of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Johns Hopkins Nuclear History and Contemporary Affairs)
 Translating Early Modern Science, (Intersections: Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture)
 Our Germans: Project Paperclip and the National Security State
 Image, Imagination, and Cognition (Intersections: Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture)
 Assembling the Tropics: Science and Medicine in Portugal
 Mapping AIDS: Visual Histories of an Enduring Epidemic (Global Health Histories)
 Nurturing Indonesia: Medicine and Decolonisation in the Dutch East Indies (Global Health Histories)
 A History of Folding in Mathematics: Mathematizing the Margins (Science Networks. Historical Studies)
 The Weather
 Listening in the Field: Recording and the Science of Birdsong (Inside Technology)
 The Scientific Sublime: Popular Science Unravels the Mysteries of the Universe
 Eugenics at the Edges of Empire: New Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Africa
 The Gestalt Shift in Conan Doyle
 Fred Whipple
 The History of Research on Chemical Periodic Processes (SpringerBriefs in History of Science and Technology)
 Revolutions and Continuity in Greek Mathematics (Science, Technology, and Medicine in Ancient Cultures)
 The Mobile Workshop: The Tsetse Fly and African Knowledge Production (The MIT Press)
 Du tabac pour le mort : Une histoire de la réanimation
 The Invention of Sustainability: Nature and Destiny, c.1500-1870
 The Trials of Psychedelic Therapy: LSD Psychotherapy in America
 Ocean Science and the British Cold War State (Palgrave Studies in the History of Science and Technology)
 Andreas Vesalius and the
 Solid State Insurrection: How the Science of Substance Made American Physics Matter
 Correspondance de Johannes Hevelius: Tome II: Correspondance Avec La Cour de France Et Ses Agents Avec Un Dossier Sur La Querelle de la Comete de ... Artibus) (French, German and Latin Edition)
 Das Aquarium
 Calculated Values: Finance, Politics, and the Quantitative Age
 Basic and Applied Research: The Language of Science Policy in the Twentieth Century (European Conceptual History)
 Sigmund Freud, das ""Cocain"" und die Morphinisten
 The Warfare between Science and Religion: The Idea That Wouldn
 New Mathematical Cuneiform Texts (Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences)
 Thinking Together: Lecturing, Learning, and Difference in the Long Nineteenth Century (Rhetoric and Democratic Deliberation)
 The Second Age of Computer Science: From Algol Genes to Neural Nets
 Vast Expanses: A History of the Oceans
 Polio Across the Iron Curtain: Hungary
 Spaceflight: A Concise History (MIT Press Essential Knowledge series)
 Musik und die Ordnung der Dinge im ausgehenden Mittelalter und in der Frühen Neuzeit (Musica poetica) (German Edition)
 Beyond Einstein: Perspectives on Geometry, Gravitation, and Cosmology in the Twentieth Century (Einstein Studies)
 Animals and the Shaping of Modern Medicine: One Health and its Histories (Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in Modern History)
 William Robert Grove: Victorian Gentleman of Science
 The Pre-Raphaelites and Science
 Frontiers of Science: Imperialism and Natural Knowledge in the Gulf South Borderlands, 1500-1850 (Published by the Omohundro Institute of Early ... and the University of North Carolina Press)
 David Bohm: Causality and Chance, Letters to Three Women
 Investigating the Body in the Victorian Asylum: Doctors, Patients, and Practices (Mental Health in Historical Perspective)
 The Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist (The MIT Press)
 For Science, King and Country: The Life and Legacy of Henry Moseley
 Herodotus: narrator, scientist, historian (Trends in Classics - Supplementary Volumes)
 It All Depends on the Dose: Poisons and Medicines in European History (The History of Medicine in Context)
 Edward Condon
 The Hunt for Earth Gravity: A History of Gravity Measurement from Galileo to the 21st Century
 The Continued Exercise of Reason: Public Addresses by George Boole (The MIT Press)
 Aristotle Contemporary Perspectives on His Thought: On the 2400th Anniversary of Aristotle
 The Oxford Handbook of Science and Medicine in the Classical World (Oxford Handbooks)
 Science, Form, and the Problem of Induction in British Romanticism (Cambridge Studies in Romanticism)
 Science, Museums and Collecting the Indigenous Dead in Colonial Australia (Palgrave Studies in Pacific History)
 The Babylonian Astronomical Compendium MUL.APIN (Scientific Writings from the Ancient and Medieval World)
 Eurasian Environments: Nature and Ecology in Imperial Russian and Soviet History (Russian and East European Studies)
 Ada Lovelace: The Making of a Computer Scientist
 Copernicus Banned: The entangled matter of the anti-copernican decree of 1616
 Theory, Practice and Nature In-between
 Technology: Critical History of a Concept
 Thomas Hobbes and the Natural Law
 Photons: The History and Mental Models of Light Quanta
 The Postwar Origins of the Global Environment: How the United Nations Built Spaceship Earth (Columbia Studies in International and Global History)
 Venezia e la nuova oikoumene Venedig und die neue Oikoumene: Cartografia del Quattrocento Kartographie im 15. Jahrhundert (Venetiana) (German Edition)
 Taking on Technocracy: Nuclear Power in Germany, 1945 to the Present (Protest, Culture & Society)
 Vivarium: Experimental, Quantitative, and Theoretical Biology at Vienna
 The Rise of Engineering Science: How Technology Became Scientific (History of Mechanism and Machine Science)
 History of the Calcutta School of Physical Sciences
 The Archaeology of Sanitation in Roman Italy: Toilets, Sewers, and Water Systems (Studies in the History of Greece and Rome)
 Pieces and Parts in Scientific Texts (Why the Sciences of the Ancient World Matter)
 Frankenstein: Annotated for Scientists, Engineers, and Creators of All Kinds (The MIT Press)
 Galileo Galilei, The Tuscan Artist
 Medicine and Colonial Engagements in India and Sub-Saharan Africa
 Natural History in Early Modern France (Intersections: Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture)
 The Hand of the Engraver: Albert Flocon Meets Gaston Bachelard (SUNY series, Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory)
 Sichtbare Netzwerke
 Anxiety and the Equation: Understanding Boltzmann
 Schizophrènes au XXe siècle : Des effets secondaires de l
 Atomic Adventures: Secret Islands, Forgotten N-Rays, and Isotopic Murder: A Journey into the Wild World of Nuclear Science
 Archives and Information in the Early Modern World (Proceedings of the British Academy)
 Archival Afterlives (Scientific and Learned Cultures and Their Institutions)
 Networks of Knowledge
 Imagination and Science in Romanticism
 Universities in Imperial Austria 1848–1918: A Social History of a Multilingual Space (Central European Studies)
 PTSD: A Short History (Johns Hopkins Biographies of Disease)
 Die epistemologischen Jahre
 Einführung in die Islamwissenschaft (de Gruyter Studium) (German Edition)
 The Palgrave Handbook of Climate History
 Planck: Driven by Vision, Broken by War
 Liberty and the Pursuit of Knowledge: Charles Renouvier
 Inevitably Toxic: Historical Perspectives on Contamination, Exposure, and Expertise
 War Matters: Material Culture in the Civil War Era
 The Experimental Side of Modeling (Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science)
 Trading Territories: Mapping the Early Modern World
 Willem de Sitter: Einstein
 Die Heidelberger Arzneibücher Ysack Leujs
 Galens Theory of Black Bile (Studies in Ancient Medicine)
 Leibniz and the Invention of Mathematical Transcendence
 Schreiben Im Forschen: Verfahren, Szenen, Effekte (Historische Wissensforschung Essay) (German Edition)

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