Editorship Announcement

The Society is pleased to announce that the next Editor of HSS will be, in fact, two editors: Alexandra (Alix) Hui and Matthew (Matt) Lavine, both of Mississippi State University. Alix and Matt will immediately begin a one-year transition and will formally assume the Editorship on 1 July 2019. Their term will run through 30 June 2024. A powerful part of Alix and Matt’s proposal is the role outlined for Carin Berkowitz of the Science History Institute (formerly Chemical Heritage Foundation). Carin (pronounced KAH-rin), one of our more steadfast volunteers, will serve as the Book Review Editor and will be able to draw on the deep resources of the greater Philadelphia area.

New editors of Isis

Their appointment follows an 18-month search, in which HSS’s Committee on Publications sought and encouraged nominations, vetted these proposals, engaged in multiple site visits, debated the merits of the bids, and made a recommendation to the HSS Executive Committee. The Executive Committee enthusiastically endorsed CoP’s nomination and HSS’s Council gave final approval.

This will be the first formal co-editorship for the HSS (although one could argue that Sarton and IB Cohen effectively functioned as co-editors), and the July Newsletter will feature an article by Alix and Matt, outlining their vision for HSS’s publications. We hope that you will read it with care and respond to their request for suggestions as they work through the transition period.