Latest Volume of Isis Now Online

In this issue: “‘Making Trials’ in Sixteenth- and Early Seventeenth-Century European Academic Medicine,” with Evan R. Ragland; “Darwin’s Delay”: A Reassessment of the Evidence,” by Roderick D. Buchanan and James Bradley; “From Modernizing the Chinese Language to Information Science: Chao Yuen Ren’s Route to Cybernetics,” by Chen-Pang Yeang; and  “A ‘Precious Minority’: Constructing the ‘Gifted’ and ‘Academically Talented’ Student in the Era of Brown v. Board of Education and the National Defense Education Act,” from Jim Wynter Porter.

Also, an open-access Focus Section on linguistic hegemony and the history of science with Michael D. Gordin, Ahmed Ragab, Dagmar Schäfer, Sietske Fransen, Mary Terrall, and Elena Aronova and more. Click here to go to the journal site.