May 2011

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 Expertus sum. L
 Mechanism, Experiment, Disease: Marcello Malpighi and Seventeenth-Century Anatomy
 Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities
 The Major Transitions in Evolution Revisited (Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology)
 The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and the Environment (Cambridge Introductions to Literature)
 The Contours of America’s Cold War
 Measure of the Earth: The Enlightenment Expedition That Reshaped Our World
 House on Fire: The Fight to Eradicate Smallpox (California/Milbank Books on Health and the Public)
 The British Arboretum: Trees, Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century
 The Fall and Rise of the Wetlands of California
 Transformations of Lamarckism: From Subtle Fluids to Molecular Biology (Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology)
 The Essential Naturalist: Timeless Readings in Natural History
 Deep Beauty: Understanding the Quantum World through Mathematical Innovation
 The New Science and Women
 Entangled Geographies: Empire and Technopolitics in the Global Cold War (Inside Technology)
 The Philosophy of Husserl (Continental European Philosophy)
 Investigating the Supernatural: From Spiritism and Occultism to Psychical Research and Metapsychics in France, 1853–1931
 Rising Force: The Magic of Magnetic Levitation
 Why Geology Matters: Decoding the Past, Anticipating the Future
 Histories of Computing
 Between Raphael and Galileo: Mutio Oddi and the Mathematical Culture of Late Renaissance Italy
 Animal Stories: Narrating across Species Lines (Posthumanities)
 Nature and Empire in Ottoman Egypt: An Environmental History (Studies in Environment and History)
 Hormones of Life: Endocrinology, the Pharmaceutical Inductry, and the Dream of a Remedy for Sterility, 1930 to 1970
 Naked Genes: Reinventing the Human in the Molecular Age (The MIT Press)
 The Life of Governor Joan Gideon Loten (1710-1789): A Personal History of a Dutch Virtuoso
 Iron Will: Cleveland-Cliffs and the Mining of Iron Ore, 1847-2006 (Great Lakes Books Series)
 Evolutionary History: Uniting History and Biology to Understand Life on Earth (Studies in Environment and History)
 The Crafting of the 10,000 Things: Knowledge and Technology in Seventeenth-Century China
 Divine Machines: Leibniz and the Sciences of Life
 Thinking with Whitehead: A Free and Wild Creation of Concepts
 Phoenix: The Life of Norman Bethune
 Information and Living Systems: Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives (A Bradford Book)

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