Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers

We welcome graduate students to volunteer for the annual meeting. Volunteering may include meeting preparation, working the registration desk, and helping with the book exhibit. It presents a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow graduate students and other colleagues in the field. In exchange for 4.5 hours of work, the HSS will waive your registration fees. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the form below, indicating all times you are available. Once your hours have been confirmed, you will be able to register for HSS at the complimentary volunteer rate. (If you’ve already registered, we can refund your registration fee.) Register via the online volunteer form.

HSS Newsletter – January 2019

Newsletter 2019 - Cover ImageThe 48th volume of the HSS Newsletter is now online.  The 2019 January issue promises to be a good read. Projit Mukharji outlines what he plans to do as the new book review editor for Isis when he steps into that role on 1 July. Jim Endersby, whose book Orchid won the Society’s Davis Prize for best book for a general audience, describes the gestation of the book as he figured out how to live with cancer. Massimo Mazzotti provides an inspiring account of the Genoa Science Festival this past November, a city that was still reeling from the horrific collapse of a major bridge in the city center. Maria Rentetzi provides an overview of nuclear science and diplomacy project and its first meeting being held in Sokendai, Japan. We also have 8 pages of Member News, a touching piece on the late Adolf Grünbaum, and news of the profession, including a new prize announcement by our newest interest group, the Forum for the History of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.

Download a PDF of the January 2019 Newsletter.

Noteworthy Books of 2018, 2017, 2016

Noteworthy Books

What was a noteworthy history of science book published in 2018? Or, because we all know we’re a bit behind on our reading list, published in 2017 or 2016? Complete the form to submit your pick!

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2018 Prize Winners

Prize Booklet Cover

The History of Science Society’s 2018 Prize Winners

Congratulations to these preeminent scholars in the field! See more info and prize citations.

NASA Fellowship Winner Ockert

Ingrid Ockert
NASA Fellowship

Ohad Reiss Sorokin - HSS Prize Ceremony 2018

Ohad Reiss Sorokin
Nathan Reingold Prize

Ohad Reiss Sorokin - HSS Prize Ceremony 2018

Field Life

Jeremy Vetter
Philip J. Pauly Prize

Owen James Hyman
Ronald Rainger Prize

Levinson Winner Richards

Evelleen Richards
Suzanne J. Levinson Prize

Eghigian-Price Webster

“A Drifting Concept for an Unruly Menace: A History of Psychopathy in Germany.” Isis 106, no. 2 (March 2015): 283-309.

Greg Eghigian
Derek Price/Rod Webster Prize

The Embryo Project, Steve Elliot and Erica Leigh O’Neill
Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize

Kara Swanson - HSS Prize Ceremony 2018

“Rubbing Elbows and Blowing Smoke: Gender, Class, and Science in the Nineteenth-Century Patent Office,” Isis 108, no. 1 (March 2017): 40-61.

Kara Swanson
Margaret W. Rossiter Prize

Jim Endersby - HSS Prize Ceremony 2018

Jim Endersby
Watson Davis & Helen Miles Davis Prize

Anita Guerrini - HSS Prize Ceremony 2018

Anita Guerrini
Pfizer Award

Sally Gregory Kohlstedt
Sarton Medal

2018 October Newsletter

Our 2018 October Newsletter is live. Read it online or download the PDF.

Oct 2018 Newsletter

Isis Books Received | Jul-Sep 2018

For the latest titles in the history of science, see the entire Isis Books Received List.

Click on the book for more information.

 Ebola: How a People’s Science Helped End an Epidemic (African Arguments)
 The Comparable Body - Analogy and Metaphor in Ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman Medicine (Studies in Ancient Medicine)
 Zika: From the Brazilian Backlands to Global Threat
 The History of the Priority Di∫pute between Newton and Leibniz: Mathematics in History and Culture
 Reading Popular Newtonianism: Print, the Principia, and the Dissemination of Newtonian Science
 A Family History of Illness: Memory as Medicine
 Beasts of Burden: Biopolitics, Labor, and Animal Life in British Romanticism (SUNY series, Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century)
 The Great Rift: Literacy, Numeracy, and the Religion-Science Divide
 Global Transformations in the Life Sciences, 1945–1980