Latest Issue of Isis

Publication CoverThe December 2016 issue of Isis can be found online here. In this issue: “The Accuracy of Ancient Cartography Reassessed: The Longitude Error in Ptolemy’s Map,” by Dmitry A. Shcheglov; “Francis Bacon and Magnetical Cosmology,” by Xiaona Wang; “The Age of Methods: William Whewell, Charles Peirce, and Scientific Kinds,” by Henry M. Cowles; “Species Complex: Classification and Conservation in American Environmental History,” by Peter S. Alagona.

The open access Viewpoint section is titled Clocks to Computers and  includes work by Frans van Lunteren, Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent, M. Norton Wise, Patricia Fara, Hasok Chang, B. Harun Küçük, and Raf De Bont.

The issue also contains an essay review titled “The Scientific Revolution: Five Books about It” by John Henry and includes over fifty book reviews.