HSS Statement on U.S. President’s Executive Order 13769

The History of Science Society is an apolitical organization; the Society does not endorse or submit amicus curiae briefs or take positions on general political or social issues, lest we be diverted from our mission. There are, however, times when issues arise that affect all scholars, or, in particular, scholars in our discipline, or historical scholarship on science, that demand our consideration. If the HSS Executive Committee believes the Society should join an action, it will make a recommendation to Council in the form of a motion.  A majority of the Council members must approve the motion for it to be approved. The following statement was approved by the Council:

HSS Statement on Executive Order Issued on 27 January 2017

The History of Science Society condemns the executive order issued by President Donald J. Trump on January 27, 2017,  that bans entry into the US of people from seven countries.  All scholarship, including that of historians of science, our colleagues, and our students, depends on fundamental freedoms, including the free movement of peoples. The President and Council of the HSS direct concerned individuals to the statement issued by the American Historical Association.