HSS October Newsletter

Our October Newsletter is now online. In this issue John Krige welcomes us to Atlanta for the 2016 HSS Meeting; Mark Bourgeois asks “Should We Teach Science and Engineering as Practices?”; Keith R. Bengtsson and Alistair Sponsel’s tribute to Ronald Rainger; as well as member news and other news from the profession, including the announcement of many distinguished fellowships.

Latest Issue of Osiris

The latest issue of Osiris is now available to view online. This issue is titled History of Science and the Emotions and was edited by Otniel E. Dror, Bettina Hitzer, Anja Laukötter, Pilar León-Sanz.

The series editors for Osiris are W. Patrick McCray and Suman Seth.

Latest Issue of Isis

isis-2016-107-issue-3-coverThe September 2016 issue of Isis can be found online here. In this issue: “The Virtues of Scientific Practice: MacIntyre, Virtue Ethics, and the Historiography of Science,” by Daniel J. Hicks and Thomas A. Stapleford; “Medicine and the Making of a City: Spaces of Pharmacy and Scholarly Medicine in Seventeenth-Century Stockholm,” by Hjalmar Fors; “The East India Company, the Company’s Museum, and the Political Economy of Natural History in the Early Nineteenth Century,” by Jessica Ratcliff; “A Eurasian Mineralogy: Aleksandr Fersman’s Conception of the Natural World,” by Andy Bruno.  Continue reading

JSTOR for History of Science Society Members

In its strategic plan, HSS identified professional development as one of its six goals. Specifically, the Society is focusing on supporting the “professional development of emerging history of science scholars in and outside the academy.” One of the ways in which the HSS can help our members advance their research and teaching is to facilitate access to the literature, and we are pleased to work with JSTOR to offer a 50% savings on a one year JPASS subscription for members. JPASS, available as monthly or yearly plans, allows you to read whatever journal article you like and enjoy up to 120 PDF downloads a year from the JSTOR archive, an archive with over 7 million articles from 2 thousand journals (including Isis and Osiris), representing some 50 academic disciplines. Continue reading

2016 THAT Camp

The HSS is sponsoring its 3rd annual THATCamp (The Humanities And Technology Camp) at HSS 2016 for anyone either doing or considering a project involving digital technology. People of all experience levels are welcome — newbies as well as experienced coders. Continue reading

HSS Election Results 2016

The runoff election is now complete and we can announce the results of our 2016 election. But first, we would like to thank our nominating committee (Fa-ti Fan, chair; Tara Abraham; Staffan Müller-Wille; Harriet Ritvo; Audra Wolfe) for assembling a fantastic slate. This year’s nominating committee faced a special challenge as they accommodated new elected positions established by our recently adopted bylaws. We also wish to express our deep gratitude to all of those who agreed to run for office.

Continue reading

The 2017 ISHPSSB Meeting in São Paulo

The 2017 meeting of International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) will be held at the Institute of Biosciences of the University of São Paulo (USP), in São Paulo; those attending this meeting will also be able to participate in the 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology (ICHST).

For more information about the ISHPSSB meeting in general, please click here.

Isis Books Received (Updated)

The list of books received in the editorial offices of Isis from April-June 2015 can be found at the Isis Books Received page here. Any books purchased through links on the Books Received page will help support the History of Science Society.