Notifications for 2016 HSS Meeting

Notifications regarding proposals for the 2016 Annual Meeting of the History of Science Society have been emailed. Please note that the preliminary program is still in the final stages of development, so we do not yet have scheduling information for accepted sessions and papers. Once that information is available, it will be emailed as part of a formal acceptance letter.

If you are part of an organized session, please contact your session organizer for information on your session’s status.

If you submitted a proposal for the 2016 Meeting but did not receive a notification email today, please contact

Galison Directs New Documentary

Poster for the documentary Containment

Peter Galison (Harvard University) and Rob Moss have directed a new film titled Containment (2015), a documentary on the long-term consequences of nuclear waste storage. The film has been screened internationally at over a dozen film festivals.

Click here to see more and to find a screening near you.

April 2016 Newsletter Now Available

The April 2016 HSS Newsletter is now online. Click here to view.

HSS Newsletter LogoIn this issue: Vesalius’ Fabrica: The Aims of the New Census; Notes From the Inside: AAAs and AHA; IsisCB Explore—What You Can Do Now, and What You Can Expect; Digital HPS Consortium; What is Big History?; Member News; In Memoriam: Marjorie Caroline Malley; Announcing the 2017 Neu-Whitrow Prize; and News from the Profession.

Latest Issue of Isis

The latest issue of Isis (Volume 107, Number 2 | June 2016) is now available online. Publication CoverIn this issue: “Ludwik Antoni Birkenmajer and Curtis Wilson on the Origin of Nicholas Copernicus’s Heliocentrism,” by André Goddu; “An Amphibious Being: How Maritime Surveying Reshaped Darwin’s Approach to Natural History,” by Alistair Sponsel; and “The Pedagogical Roots of the History of Science: Revisiting the vision of James Bryant Conant,” by Christopher Hamlin.

This month’s open access Focus Section is titled “History Manifesto and the History of Science” and includes pieces from Noortje Jacobs, Daniel J. Kevles, Karine Chemla, and many more.

The History of Science Society Prizes for 2015 presented at the HSS Annual Meeting are reviewed in the “News of the Profession” section.

This issue also contains an essay review, “Editing Early Modern Scientific Correspondence: The Way Forward” by Michael Hunter, and over four dozen book reviews.

The 2017 ISHPSSB Meeting in São Paulo

The 2017 meeting of International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) will be held at the Institute of Biosciences of the University of São Paulo (USP), in São Paulo; those attending this meeting will also be able to participate in the 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology (ICHST).

For more information about the ISHPSSB meeting in general, please click here.

A Note from Stephen Weldon on the Isis CB

Stephen Weldon, Editor of the Isis Bibliography of the History of Science, has been working on an Alfred P. Sloan-funded project to create a new open access version of the Isis Bibliography: IsisCB Explore. IsisCB Explore opens up bibliographical research in the history of science, technology, and medicine. It is designed for students, scholars, librarians, and the general public.

Send all feedback on the new system to

As you use IsisCB Explore, be aware that the Explore system does not yet have last year’s data. It will take another month or so to add this data.

There are some instructional videos on the IsisCB Explore YouTube Channel. You can find more information about the history of the Isis Bibliography on the main site:

Isis Books Received (Updated)

The list of books received in the editorial offices of Isis from April-June 2015 can be found at the Isis Books Received page here. Any books purchased through links on the Books Received page will help support the History of Science Society.

HSS Signs Letter Regarding Georgia RFRA

The History of Science Society joined six sister societies, including the American Historical Association and the Philosophy of Science Association, in sending a letter to the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau protesting the potential passage of a “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” in the state of Georgia. All of these organizations are planning on holding meetings in Atlanta in the near future, and the letter states that this legislation might precipitate moving the meetings to other cities where similar laws have not been passed. You can read the entire text of the letter by clicking here.

History of Science Society Strategic Plan – 2014

Early in 2013, the History of Science Society Executive Committee made a commitment to launch a structured strategic planning initiative to take on the tasks of reviewing the organization’s mission; agreeing on a vision; identifying and coping with changing circumstances; providing a framework of deliberate priorities to guide day-to-day decision-making and allocation of human and financial resources; evaluating performance and organizational effectiveness; and making a sound case for philanthropic support.

To view our goals, objectives, action steps, and evaluation procedures, as well as the rest of the strategic plan, click here.