Latest Issue of Isis Now Available Online

The latest issue of Isis is now online. In this issue, “Observation Claims and Epistemic Confidence in Aristotle’s Biology,” by Daryn Lehoux; “Common Knowledge: Bodies, Evidence, and Expertise in Early Modern Germany,” by J. Andrew Mendelsohn and Annemarie Kinzelbach; “Constructing Canals on Mars: Event Astronomy and the Transmission of International Telegraphic News,” by Joshua Nall; “Jesuit Scientists and Mongolian Fossils: The French Paleontological Missions in China, 1923–1928,” by Chris Manias. Also you’ll find a special section “Critiques and Contentions,” introduced by H. Floris Cohen, and including “Consequences of the Spanish Civil War for Entomology: A Quantitative Example of Abrupt Alteration in Scientific Research Dynamics,” by Carolina Martín Albaladejo and Borja Sanchiz; “Qualifying Consequences: A Response to ‘Consequences of the Spanish Civil War for Entomology,'” by Kristin Johnson; “On Building Knowledge: Comments on ‘Qualifying Consequences,'” by Carolina Martín Albaladejo and Borja Sanchiz.

Free access it available to this issue’s Focus section on Why Science Museums Matter: History of Science in Museums in the Twenty-First Century, with contributions from Ad Maas, Lara Bergers, Didi van Trijp, Rebekah Higgitt, Victoria Cain, Marta C. Lourenço, José Pedro Sousa Dias, and Peter Heering.

As always, the issue contains dozens of book reviews.

HSS April Newsletter

The April Newsletter is now online. This month, learn about “Demystifying the NSF Process” with Anita Guerrini and see the myriad ways we were involved at this year’s AAAS conference.

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HSS and the March for Science

The HSS has signed the AHA letter regarding the March for Science and has issued this message:

The study of the history of science demonstrates that science is a human enterprise, deriving strength both from the diverse cultures of scientific practice and the
faithful application of shared methods of evidence-based inquiry. In the past, science has undeniably advanced collective knowledge. When it is responsive to public concerns, it serves the common good. On these grounds, the History of Science Society heartily endorses the Core Principles of the March, which affirm a commitment to the highest ideals of science in service of global society.

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2017 Osiris Call for Proposals

The Editorial Board of Osiris solicits proposals for Volume 36 which will appear in 2021. Osiris is an international research journal devoted to the history of science and its cultural influences and is a publication of the History of Science Society and the University of Chicago Press. Proposals will be reviewed by the Osiris Editorial Board at the annual meeting of the History of Science Society in November 2017. The announcement of the next volume of Osiris will be made in January 2018. Continue reading

Latest Issue of Osiris

The latest issue of Osiris is now available to view online. This issue is titled History of Science and the Emotions and was edited by Otniel E. Dror, Bettina Hitzer, Anja Laukötter, Pilar León-Sanz.

The series editors for Osiris are W. Patrick McCray and Suman Seth.

JSTOR for History of Science Society Members

In its strategic plan, HSS identified professional development as one of its six goals. Specifically, the Society is focusing on supporting the “professional development of emerging history of science scholars in and outside the academy.” One of the ways in which the HSS can help our members advance their research and teaching is to facilitate access to the literature, and we are pleased to work with JSTOR to offer a 50% savings on a one year JPASS subscription for members. JPASS, available as monthly or yearly plans, allows you to read whatever journal article you like and enjoy up to 120 PDF downloads a year from the JSTOR archive, an archive with over 7 million articles from 2 thousand journals (including Isis and Osiris), representing some 50 academic disciplines. Continue reading

The 2017 ISHPSSB Meeting in São Paulo

The 2017 meeting of International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) will be held at the Institute of Biosciences of the University of São Paulo (USP), in São Paulo; those attending this meeting will also be able to participate in the 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology (ICHST).

For more information about the ISHPSSB meeting in general, please click here.

Elizabeth Paris Endowment for Socially Engaged History and Philosophy of Science

The Elizabeth Paris Endowment for Socially Engaged History and Philosophy of Science honors the life and interests of Elizabeth Paris (1968-2009), a historian and philosopher of science and HSS member. The Endowment aims to provide for a regular public event that will bring to a wider audience an understanding of the value of the history and philosophy of science. The first event was a Baskes Lecture in History, presented by Peter Galison at the Chicago Humanities festival titled “From Einstein’s Clocks to the Refusal of Time.”

For more information on Elizabeth, the Endowment, and how to give, please click this link.